At VIC MARINE SERVICES we provide marine fabrication solutions customizable to your specific requirements. Our professional engineers have decades of combined experience, and provide innovative designs and solutions for our customers, with a can-do attitude and a proactive approach to achieving results, on time and on budget.

VIC MARINE SERVICES can fabricate and install many elements and components, for example:

  • Custom made tanks in stainless steel for black and grey water, to have more holding capacity, and in combination with the sewage treatment plant

  • Tank level sensors and indicators (VEGA systems)

  • Transfer stations

  • Trays and brackets, etc.


Improving your waste water systems by the following methods

Upgrading the holding tank capacity, mainly on black water.

Their capacity is limited and is often insufficient for the amount of produced wastewater.

Depending on the existing equipment and layout of the vessel, we evaluate the possibilities and offer individual solutions - from black and grey transfer tank set up to installing an additional tank.

Design, fabrication and installation of custom made holding tanks, including tank monitoring system, pipe work, valves and pumps.

Level measurement in tanks with monitoring VEGA systems.

VEGA sensors measure levels in tanks with exceptional accuracy and reliability.

We install these sensors by replacing the existing ones, and we will find a way to include the display in your control panels, for example also in combination with the sewage treatment plant or in your monitoring system.

So if you are looking for an outstanding service package featuring exceptional reliability, response times and sustainability - do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will find the perfect combination for your individual needs.

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