At VIC MARINE SERVICES we sell, service, and install most major brands. We have the capability to repair most types of pumps, including replacing or rewinding motors.

With many years of experience and technical know-how, our skilled engineers can offer you services and repairs of:

Our mission is to reduce the amount of downtime for our customers while simultaneously enhancing pump performance and operational longevity, as well as the optimisation of costs thanks to professional planning, implementation and compliance with deadlines.

Based on this, we can provide

  • Recommendations for service and maintenance intervals for your specific pump models, depending on their particular application and duty rating

  • Repositioning of pumps

  • Upgrades

  • Spare parts and accessories, such as new silent blocks, compensators, unions, manifolds, pressure and suction gauges, valves and pipe work, trays, etc.

  • Performance tests for surveyors, for example on fire and bilge pumps

VIC MARINE SERVICES offers professional service and spare parts concepts for pumps, valves and other equipment, whatever the manufacturer: The perfect solution over the entire life circle.

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