VIC MARINE SERVICES is dedicated to keeping our coastal waters and marinas environmentally clean. To avoid the incorrect dumping of human waste, on-board sewage management is imperative and saves our coastal ecosystems from exposure and contamination.

Whether you need a new installation or high-quality maintenance and repair service, you can rely on VIC MARINE SERVICES to deliver the right solution, in accordance with the discharge requirements adopted by Resolution MEPC, the Marine Environmental Protection Committee of the IMO.

Regularly and preventive maintenance is essential to extend the life of your systems, to enhance their performance and to prevent undesirable fails during the busy season.

Working independent of any brand, we can supply you with high-quality spare parts at a very competitive price.

Sewage Treatment Plants

Victor Asensio, technically trained by several sewage treatment plant manufacturers, and his team are ready to take care of all of your maintenance and repair,

We offer visual and operational inspections, service reports and the supply of spare parts.

Downtime is avoided by performing necessary repair work in time.

Vacuum Toilet Systems

Our team of qualified and experienced engineers provide services according to your needs for your vacuum toilet systems on board, such as JETS and EVAC.

We offer

  • Sales

  • Installations and Commissionings

  • Fault findings and Repairs

  • Services and Maintenance

of vacuum pumps, grey water vacuum boxes, toilets, valves, pipework, ...

Replacing parts before they are worn ensure a high level of operating reliability.

Improving Your Systems

With VIC MARINE SERVICES you can rely on the deep process knowledge of our experts to deliver the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions to enhance your systems:

(for more info see "Fabrication and Installations")

  • Improving the holding tank capacity, mainly on black water

  • Design, fabrication and installation of custom made holding tanks, including tank monitoring system, pipe work, valves and pumps

  • Level measurement in tanks with monitoring VEGA systems, also in combination with the sewage treatment plant

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