The website pages of 'VIC MARINE SERVICES' employ so-called 'Cookies'. These are text files, which are downloaded via the internet browser program of the visitor from the 'VIC MARINE SERVICES' website onto the computer PC system of the visitor and saved and stored there.

Numerous websites employ cookies. Many cookies contain so-called 'Cookie IDs'. A cookie ID is an explicit recognition of a cookie. It comprises a character string, by means of which the website and its server can allocate the specific visitor internet browser program where the downloaded cookie is saved and stored. This enables the visited website and its server to differentiate between the individual internet browser program and the affected persons from others, which also contain cookies. Any internet browser program can therefore be recognised and re-identified via the explicit cookie ID.

As a result of the employment of cookies, 'VIC MARINE SERVICES' can provide visitors to- and users of -the website with user-friendly services, which otherwise would not be possible without the setting of the relative cookies.

By means of such cookies, information and our offerings can be optimised for the benefit of the user of the 'VIC MARINE SERVICES' website. The cookies enable the returning visitor to the 'VIC MARINE SERVICES' website to be recognised again. This function serves the purpose of facilitating the enjoyment of the 'VIC MARINE SERVICES' website for the users. A user revisiting a website, which employs cookies, need not for example have to repeat his or her access data every time, because these have been adopted by the cookie on the website and correspond with the cookie downloaded onto the computer PC system of the user. A further example is the cookie of a shopping basket at the cashpoint outlet of the online shop. The online shop makes a note of the article purchased, which the customer virtually lays in the shopping basket, via a cookie.

All affected persons can however prevent the downloading of cookies onto their PC computer systems at all times by making an appropriate setting in their internet browser program. This setting counteracts the setting of cookies. Furthermore, all already set cookies on an internet browser program can be erased at any time by a setting on the internet browser program or by external erasing software. Such settings are normal functions in all internet browser programs. When affected persons make such settings in their internet browser programs, then under circumstances not all functions on the 'VIC MARINE SERVICES' website can be fully enjoyed.

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